Praise for ‘The Casual Electrocution of Strangers’

casual cover black-2


‘Like a modern, sassy version of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, the stories in this collection are highly original, enjoyable and unpredictable. There’s beautiful writing here, and a sense of strangeness which lingers long after you’ve finished reading.’

Jonathan Taylor (author)


‘Work that really does electrify through well-drawn characters, sparky prose and, in some cases, by being so cryptic they leave you wondering what really happened long after the story finishes.’

Amanda Saint (author and founder of Retreat West)


‘As the Word Factory celebrates and encourages the variety of writing styles and narratives that the short story provides, The Casual Electrocution of Strangers showcases these in spades. Who would have thought that one title could ignite such a variety of themes and characters, from cherry pickers to ageing groupies! An electrifying read.’

Alison Hitchcock (writer and managing editor of The Word Factory)


‘A new anthology is always cause for celebration, but Literary Salmon’s The Casual Electrocution of Strangers is unique from the outset. These stories demonstrate the extraordinary breadth of the creative imagination, twisting and turning that single phrase until it takes on different shapes in different lights, from the whimsical to the sentimental to the macabre. There’s some real talent behind these stories, made all the more exciting by the fact that nobody here is a household name – yet.’

Dan Coxon (author and editor)


‘A sleek, electric eel of a thing, full of fiction that’s as liable to shock as it is to light up the waters.’

Ashley Stokes (writer and editor at Unthank Books)


‘This is a fascinating idea – chuck a provocative title at a bunch of talented writers and see what happens. The stories range from the poignant to the downright weird and if I had anything to do with it, at least one of them would end up in one of those Best Of anthologies in the coming year.’

Jonathan Pinnock (author)


‘One thing my years as an arts editor has introduced me to, is the array of writers who are producing vital work away from what you might call the mainstream world of publishing. Fascinating voices spring up in fascinating projects all across the wider landscape of literature. These projects are diverse, always built on a foundation of unadulterated passion, and often have the distinct advantage of being the work of writers writing for themselves, filling their boots, living out their fantasies, without any care for anything other than truth, craft and excellence. This collection is one such project, and it is filled with such voices.’

Gary Raymond (author and editor at Wales Arts Review)


‘Jane Roberts’ sensual, slithery two-page delight alone will mollify even the most voracious of literary appetites. Imbibe away.’

Tom Vowler (author)


‘Ranging from a problem with cherries, a mother’s desire to do everything right, a boy who plays Ghostbusters, and a dangerous tattoo, these stories dip between the familiar and the speculative. They share only a title, and the ominous sense that nothing in life can ever be taken for granted.’

Angela Readman (author)


‘A fizzing current pervades every story, sparking a trail of anguish, loss, thrill and fatality. The brilliant concept of linking their electrifying charge with the sinister undertones of impermanence and spontaneity conveyed by ‘casual’, together with the mysterious connotations of ‘strangers’, has created a compelling collection of skilfully wired tales which sparkle with the effervescence their shared title promises. … Every story takes you away—and takes you by surprise.’

Joanna Campbell (author)

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